Sundial Garden

Sundial Garden

The Dilapidated House

The Dilapidated House

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Away till June/July

I will be busy from now till June or July. See you then.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conceptual pieces 2 and 3

Change moths to butterflies.

Change moths to flowers.

Variations: Use light blue shirts, white shirts, black shirts etc.

Side notes:
Meaning(s) aside, the work makes use of the point-line-plane elements of art, as well as the language of repetition.

The moths/butterflies/flowers are the dots.

The lines of the shirts (viewed from side) form the lines 9and perhaps planes) of the sculpture/installation.

The shape of the shirts form the planes of the installation.

In terms of composition, there is also a focus (the work as a singular central piece), the primary elements (the shirts) and the secondary elements (the moths/butterflies/flowers).

Conceptual piece 1

I have this haunting image in my mind (perhaps a meditative one even): imagine a clothes stand with many expensive shirts (e.g. Comme des Garcons shirts) asaulted by a few hundred moths. The moths are trying to eat up everything. Now how do I construct this installation?

First, the moths cannot be real moths,for clearly this visual spectacle is meant for viewing in a white cube space. How to get someone to make these moths? Secondly, how do I get these moths to stick onto the shirts? Finally, how much will this cost?

(The notes read: To decide on structure of clothes stand later)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Loose notes

I have lived with my parents for thirty years.
I have taught in my school for seven years.
I have loved and lost.
What else can I not do?
And even if I fail, what difference does it make?

The truth is, I cannot expect to produce five works and they are all 'hits'. Every step is part of the journey. Each sketch, drawing or painting is a part of the journey.

Sailing out into the open sea with no destination in mind.

I need to believe in myself that I will get better. Turner and the Chinese painters have shown me the way.

The open sea. The other world. A series of notes, sketches, drawings, paintings, and ideas by sin.

I mustn't rush. I must work very slowly.

I am a self-concious and self-absorbed young man.

That the artist is inspired, will be discovered, and will become rich and famous is a myth that does not happen and has no real value in it.

Thee is no need for me to prove that I can draw or paint. In fact, it would be better if people look at my work and think that I cannot draw or paint.

I find that I am closer to the old-school and narrow-minded people in the old academies rather than the rebel or revolutionary. I need to change.