Sundial Garden

Sundial Garden

The Dilapidated House

The Dilapidated House

Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Thoughts

I had wanted to say this since a while back, but I never had the discipline and time to blog about it till now:

I have stopped taking pictures of dead animals. I have stopped drawing dead animals.

I do not want to dwell on depressing stuff; I do not like depressing stuff anymore.

Art does not have to be spiritual all the time or to solve the world's problems, but the very least it can do is to be hopeful and realistic.

Art should give people courage and strength.

Down with depressing stuff, down with depressing art. That is too easy; try something harder.

Yes, I am still working on incomplete drawings, but I want to move on from here. To what, to where, I do not know, but it must be something more hopeful.

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